Water tank over flow alert alarm sound system ( save electricity and save water )
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Product Overview

  • Water tank over flow alert alarm sound system helps you stop overflows. it alerts you with an alarm when overhead water tank reaches full level. completely safe, uses transformer supply for fool proof insulation from mains. completely without maintenance, no need for periodic cleaning of water sensors.

  • Simple & compact design
  • Easy to install in all kinds of tanks
  • Saves water and electricity
  • Rings at full tank level and alerts you

Product Description

  • The computerized ringing bell of the alarm keeps you alert every time water overflows out of your tank. lot of times it happens motor is left running even after your water tank is completely filled as you are unaware about it. this leads to excessive loss of water and wastage of power as well. you must install this alarm on your tank to decrease the wastage of power and electricity. you can place the alarm anywhere as per your convenience.

    how water tank overflow alarm works?
    this is an alarm system which can be place anywhere around the location where the user wants to keep it so that he can hear the alarm easily. it works on two aa size 1.5v battery. it has on-off switch and a speaker for talking alarm in hindi & english. the alarm consists of output wire that is isolated (cut). the reason behind the isolation of wire is that the user can connect the extra wire as per his requirement between the alaram wire and sensor.
    note: red wire is +ve & black wire is -ve

    how to use water tank overflow alarm?
    step 1 : place the sensor in the tank at the desired level. sensor works on the principle of water conductivity.
    step 2: when water touches the leads of the sensor, electrical circuit completes as water is conductive. hence sensor works and passes electrical signal to the alarm system and alarm starts working.
    step 3: extra wire can be connected by the user as per his requirement. e.g. you can attach 200meter from his kitchen to the tank on the terrace in order to use the alarm effectively.

    package content of pagkis water tank overflow alert alarm sound system
    1 x pagkis water tank overflow alert alarm sound system

Product Specifications

Material plastic
Battery 2 x aa batteries (not included)
Colour as per availability
Warranty 1 month warranty against manufacturing defects
Disclaimer product shown in the picture above is only for representative and informative purposes. the actual product delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here in the website.


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