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Vacuum Dome Sealer
M.R.P Rs.0.00
Key Features:
  • Vacuum Seals food
  • Maintains freshness of food
  • Prevents wastage
  • Suitable for Raw & Cooked food
  • Safe to use
Description: Vacuum Dome Sealer
Anand India brings you a life-changing product that is a must-have in your kitchen- a vacuum dome! Press Dome Vacuum Sealer is a boon in disguise, for it is an answer to your kitchen problems like solution for food wastage. This air tight food sealer is a novel technology.

Vacuum Dome Sealer easy to use
Vacuum Dome Sealer is an imported Vacuum Air Tight Food Sealer and is microwave, refrigerator and dishwasher safe. The Vacuum Dome Sealer is durable and unbreakable. You can even stack them one on top of the other. The Vacuum Dome Sealer helps carry food while travelling or on trips without the fear of spillage – an excellent reason to replace your aluminum foil and zip lock bags with Vacuum Food Sealer.

Vacuum Dome Air Tight Food Sealer
The Vacuum Dome Air Tight Food Sealer keeps food fresh for a long time. It keeps fruits fresh and prevents browning or discoloration. The Vacuum Dome Sealer also keeps chips and farsan fresh and crispy. You can even store chopped vegetables using Vacuum Dome Sealer for extended freshness. The Air-tight sealer prevents food from coming in contact with air, thus preventing oxidation.
Cook and keep fresh with Vacuum Food Storage
Vacuum Dome Sealer is ideal in situations where you cook in advance and want to serve food later. You may cook meals before guests arrive and keep it fresh using Vacuum Dome Sealer. Also if you want to spend time with your children, cook meals before they come from school and still serve them hot, fresh food with Vacuum Dome Sealer.
You may also use Vacuum Dome Sealer to marinate fish or chicken faster than usual time.
Vacuum Food Sealer has Date Dial
The Vacuum Dome has a date dial. This helps you keep track of all the food stored. All that you have to do is set the dial on the Vacuum Dome Sealer to the date that you store food on. This way you know when to consume it.


Key Features
Vacuum Seals food
Maintains freshness of food
Prevents wastage
Suitable for Raw & Cooked food
Safe to use
General Features
BPA Free
Date Dial Available
Microwave Safe
Built-In Vacuum Pump
Leak Proof
Dishwasher Safe
Food Grade Plastic
Package Contents
2 Vacuum Dome Sealer