Shubh lakshmi kubera yantra - dhan lakshmi puja samagri
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Product Overview

  • With the establishment of mahalaxmi and kuber yantra, the hope that the arrival of prosperity and goodluck is increases. this lakshmi yantra has been proven by ascetics. in this yantra, you get eight characters. that is laxmi idol, kuber pratima, charan paduka, laxmi yantra, meru yantra, kuber kunji, kuber yantra, laxmi pendant and ichcha purti book.

  • Help in difficult problems
  • Keeps laxmi ji's blessings on you.
  • Help to get rid of money shortage
  • Useful puja material

Product Description

  • Wish of to be wealthy in life, is every person’s wants and goddess lakshmi is considered to be goddess of wealth, fortune and prosperity. we have brought for you the easy way of getting wealth, glory and prosperity, the good lakshmi kuber yantra, by installing it on your house or office, the blessing of mahalaxmi you will found.
    lakshmi idol - it is said in the house where mahalaxmi is worshiped, mahalakshmi ji orders the reserves of wealth itself and there is a possibility of monetary blessings in that house.
    kuber idol - kuber deity is considered to be the god of wealth. it is believed that by worshiping them you can get blessings of wealth and prosperity.
    charan paduka - lakshmi charan paduka is to be installed at the temple or at the door of your house.
    lakshmi yantra - it is believed that in the lakshmi yantra, there is the power of shri vishnu ji, so that the positive energy remains with you.
    meru machine - this yantra is to be installed in the temple. its establishment increases the possibility of increase in money in your life.
    kubera kunji - this key opens up the treasure of lord kuber and by his grace, the hope of getting the benefit of money in your house increases.
    kubera yantra - this yantra gives you chance to get the blessings of kuber deity.
    lakshmi pendant - it is believed that this pendant should wear the member of the house who earns so much money to get it.
    ichcha purti book - this booklet is available to you absolutely free from our side. this booklet has been composed of scriptures. you just have to write your wishes in it and lakshmi ji will help you complete it.

    package content shubh lakshmi kubera yantra - dhan lakshmi puja samagri
    1 x laxmi ji idol
    1 x laxmi and kuber yantra
    1 x kuber image
    1 x charan paduka
    1 x money laxmi pendants
    1 x kuber kunji
    1 x meru yantra
    1 x ichcha purti book

Product Specifications

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