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Home / Health & Beauty / BeSoft Hair Removal Pads - Buy 1 Get 1 Free!
BeSoft Hair Removal Pads - Buy 1 Get 1 Free!
M.R.P Rs.1,990.00
Key Features:
  • 8 Refill Pads with 2 Applicators
  • Painless Hair Removal
  • Reusable & Portable
  • Free Storage Pouch
Description: Want to remove unwanted body hair?
Wondering how to remove unwanted hair from face? Want to get rid of body hair? Looking for painless method of hair removal? The best hair removal pads are here – Besoft Hair Removal Pads with micro crystal particles. These crystal pads help remove dead skin and the slow circular motion removes hair efficiently. Besoft Hair removal Pads is the best way for painless hair removal.

Use Hair Removal pads on face and body
Besoft consists of 2 applicators – 1 applicator with large surface area for hair removal from hands, legs, chest, underarms and 1 nano applicator with small surface for hair removal for underlips, eyebrow, chin, toe and bikini area. Besoft Hair Remover comes with 8 Refill Pads.
Though, every Besoft Hair Removal Pad can be reused after washing and drying thoroughly, after a few uses the refill pads can be replaced. This hair remover smoothes away the skin and reduces hair growth. The hair growth becomes scanty after hair removal with Besoft Hair Removal Pads. Plus, there are no side effects and the re-grown hair is not coarse and hard.

Best method of Hair Removal
Besoft is perfect female hair remover and is also useful for hair removal for men. Out of all the hair removal products in India, Besoft is the safest. You can now let go of razor, wax, hair removal creams and choose safe, best hair removal method - Besoft Hair Removal Pads.
www.anandindia.in is the best place to buy hair remove pads online.


Key Features
8 Refill Pads with 2 Applicators
Painless Hair Removal
Reusable & Portable
Free Storage Pouch
General Features
Effectively Removes Unwanted Hair
Unisex Product
Fast Results
Wash Care
Package Contents
1 Pouch
1 Big Applicator
1 Nano Applicator
4 Big Crystal Pads
4 Nano Crystal Pads
1 Convenient Storage Pad
How To Use:
Besoft Hair removal pads are to be used in clockwise and counter clockwise which removes body hair with very mild abrasion effect.
Disclaimer : Product shown in the picture above is only for representative and informative purposes. The actual product design delivered may be different from the creative as displayed here on the website. The colour will be provided as per availability.