3-in-1 travel razor for women - all-in-one travel & portable women's razor with refilable blades
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Product Overview

  • Ever been in a situation where you have felt that your hands and legs should have been shaven, it is that moment when you are trying to cover up the grown hair with clothes. keeping that in mind we bring to you a revolutionary pocket friendly razor that has one built in water spray, one pre-shave bar and razor blades for you to instantly remove your hair on the go.

  • Removes all hair easily
  • Portable and compact
  • Easy to clean and refill
  • Innovative design
  • Travel friendly
  • All in one razor tool

Product Description

  • Travel razor encloses a refillable water spritzer, a pre-shave moisturizing bar, and two individual razor blades.

    shaving is a messy task, we need water and soap solution for one good shaving job. with the 3 in 1 razor we get a built in spray bottle that can be used to spray water on the desired area. it also consists a pre-shave bar that can be used to lather the area before shaving. it is an all in one hassle free kit that takes care of everything that is needed in shaving. which means you can carry it with you anywhere and shave desired areas at anytime.

    how to use travel razor for women:
    step 1: remove cap.
    step 2: remove spray bottle and add water.
    step 3: put the bottle inside, and spray water on the desired area.
    step 4: rotate the centre dial with both thumbs to the moisturizing pre-shave bar.
    step 5: lather skin generously with the pre-shave bar.
    step 6: rotate the centre dial again to the razor and gently start shaving.
    step 7: rinse it off with water, clean the razor and put the cap on after use.

    package content of travel razor
    1 x travel razor

Product Specifications

Gender women
Type razor


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