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The Story of my House Cleaner

A gift that made someone's life easier and better

Tamanna Sippy
Home Improvement Expert
November 18, 2017

Okay! Maybe this is not something you or anyone wants to know but still, I want to share it, just out of curiosity & maybe with a wee bit intention to inspire others. Some people always overlook their house cleaner and on the other hand there are some people who can never keep their nose out of their house cleaner’s business. It is understood that you pay them to keep your house clean but don’t ever forget that your house is not the only house they work for! So, it’s better you give them their space.

Now, just imagine if your housemaid asks you for more money to clean the areas of the house that are difficult to reach? You might have seen the commercials where the housemaids ask for Lakhs of rupees to just clean the corners or spaces below bed or sofa because there are chances they might get dengue, malaria or other diseases from mosquito bites. And I wondered what if my maid ask me for such exorbitant sum of money? To steer clear of such trouble, I found an efficient alternative and that too a cheaper one! I found a rotating mop stick online for my maid! Frankly, I actually thought a lot while investing in it, after all, who doesn’t love their hard-earned money. But, what has to be done should be done, that is the mantra I kept saying while ordering the rotating mop for my maid. The funniest thing was seeing the reaction of my house cleaner when she saw the mop stick.

Have you ever notice a kid’s reaction, when they get the toy that they wanted since a long time? Yeah, that was her reaction and at least, at that point, I literally stopped thinking about the money I spent on the mop (be it a small amount, but my money means a lot to me!). Now, I could see my house more cleaner than before, thanks to my house cleaner but I am more thankful for the spinning mop stick. My house cleaner doesn’t have to spend a lot of time cleaning the floor now, so she gets enough time to complete other household tasks. Since the 360-degree rotating mop is simple to use, she didn’t have to struggle much before she got a hang of it. Let me share some information about this magic spinning mop, in case, you are inspired by my housecleaner’s story then you might think about getting one for your housemaid too! Firstly, it helps you to clean areas that are hard to reach. Secondly, it avoids the need of unnecessary bending or stretching while cleaning the floor as it has a long stick that can go anywhere you want. If you clean your house on your own, then definitely you can see a lot of benefit in it. The device is full multifunctional, it has appropriate space for water and a basket to remove excess of water.

It has replacement head that you can change as per your requirement. Well, I have invested in the magic mop and you should too if you want a comfortable and efficient cleaning, all in one! You don’t have to go anywhere in search of the rotating mop, as you get it here itself, just Click Here: Your housemaid might get emotional and there might be a flood of tears when you gift her this magic mop as she won’t be expecting care and affection from you, so it’s better to keep tissues box in reach! Saying out of experience, you see!


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