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| Get Set Go Magnetic Belt
Get Set Go Magnetic Belt
M.R.P Rs.2,000.00 Rs.1,290.00
Key Features:
  • Relieves back Pain
  • Unisex
  • Offers Posture Correction
  • Available in 5 sizes
  • 7 Days Money Back Guarantee
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The Back Pain Belt offers magnetic lumbar support for all those who suffer from back pain. The Get Set Go Magnetic Pain Relief Belt corrects your posture, supports your spine and thus curing your back pain. This is an excellent back brace that offers magnetic therapy; it has 12 magnets, - 6 in the lumbar region and 6 on the spine. This belt for back pain is made from Neoprene fabric which provides warmth. This back pain belt induces natural heat without any electricity or batteries. The Heat therapy is a proven method for curing back pain. The Back Pain Belt relieves your pain by alleviating your tiredness, keeping your spine erect and giving support to your upper back. This opens up your chest and allows you to breathe deeply, facilitating inhalation of more oxygen. You feel younger and more energetic. This back pain belt can be worn on or under any garment and can be work for longer periods without any side-effects. The Back Pain belt is very comfortable to wear and is suitable for any age, any gender. This belt for back pain comes with adjustable stretchable and has velcro bands on them.

Key Features

Relieves back Pain
Offers Posture Correction
Available in 5 sizes
7 Days Money Back Guarantee

General Features

High Quality Neoprene Fabric
12 Power Magnets
3 in 1 Magnetic Therapy
Light weight
Improves Posture
Imported Product
No Side Effects
Skin Friendly


7 Days Guarantee

Package Contents

2 Back pain Belt

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