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| Ashta – Lakshmi With Meru Ring
Ashta – Lakshmi With Meru Ring
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Lakshmi, is the Hindu Goddess of beauty and wealth. Goddess Lakshmi has eight different forms. Therefore, her eightfold forms is referred to as Ashta-laksmi. This eight form of goddess laksmi is believed to fulfill the human necessities and desires through their individual nature and action. This ashtalakshmi yantra pendant comes in-scripted with 8 form of Goddess Laksmi. They are as follows:

Aadi-Lakshmi : She is the symbol of purity and happiness.
Dhan-Lakshmi : She is the symbol of wealth & prosperity.
Dhanya-Lakshmi : She is the one, who blesses us with food grain to survive in life.
Gaja-Lakshmi : She is known to protect and preserve the wealth.
Santana-Lakshmi : She is know to bless her devotees with virtuous offspring.
Veera-Lakshmi: She is the symbol for who blesses with courage and strength.
Vidya-Lakshmi : She is the giver of knowledge, wisdom and intellect.
Vijaya-Lakshmi : She is the provider of victory in all struggles of life.

This pendant comes with nano-graphic technology, which helps to zoom small text and images. This inscription comes inside of a mini crystal glass making the inscription visible to see the images of 8 form of goddess laxmi. Moreover, this pendant is durable and you can use it for long period of time.

For better result, we here bring ashta-lakshmi shree yantra ring. This ring and pendant will help you to remove all negative energies from your surrounding. This will definitely help you to attain greater peace and harmony. Additionally, you will be blessed with utmost prosperity and good luck. This Ashta- Laxmi pendant and meru ring comes with power of several temples, so now you don't have to visit temples for seeking blessings. Moreover, we even give you a chain for the pendant to be hanged.


Dimensions of the Ring Size 0.5 inch (W) x 0.5 inch (L)
Weight 10 grams
Dimension of the pendant Size : 4.75 inches (H) X 5.5 inches (W) X 5.5 inches (L)
Weight 1gm

Package Contents

1 x Ashta-Lakshmi Pendant With Chain
1 x Ashta-Lakshmi Meru Ring

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